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The Brand

Claire Sofié is a Danish fashion brand established in 2016 by Simone Muus. Claire Sofié was founded with the vision to create classic & timeless designs with a unique character. The brand was founded as an alternative to mass production & to add more value to our clothing. As a result, each design in Claire Sofié is only made in small assortments on 200 pieces. The core of Claire Sofié is the limited edition concept. Claire Sofié is located on Gjøl in North Jutland.

Simone Muus

Each design in Claire Sofié has it’s own history, & the inspiration behind the designs are often very different. I am inspired by the beauty I see in nature, which I express through delicate flower prints. However, the playfull & adventurous streetstyles from Paris & Milan also hold a great place in my design.”

“My passion is to design good quality fashion with a unique character, which offer a wide range of styling possibilites to all the brave women, that in the end are the essence of Claire Sofié