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Company Information

Claire Sofie ApS

VAT: 35804439
Fjordglimt 4

9440 Aabybro – Denmark

+ 45 60 56 31 95


At www.clairesofie.dk og www.clairesofie.com it is possible to pay with:
Dankort & Visa/Dankort
Visa, Visa Electron

There is a fee to each card, which is visible by checkout.

The amount is drawn from your card, when the goods are being shipped from www.clairesofie.dk/ www.clairesofie.com. A bigger amount than what you have approved in checkout can never be drawn.


We offer free delivery in Denmark. In Europe we offer delivery within 1-5 business days at 6,73 EUR.

However, Claire Sofié does not pay for return shipping if you wish to return your goods.

Delivery is with GLS.

If your regret your purchase

You have 14 days if you regret your purchase, when shopping at www.clairesofie.com
The 14 days claim expires 14 days after the day you have received your goods.


Within 14 days after receiving the goods you must let us know that you wish to cancel your purchase and have a refund. You must let us know in writing to

e-mail info@clairesofie.dk. In this mail please state obviously that you wish to cancel your purchase and have a refund. Please fill out the return label and then send

back your received goods. Below is a link to the returnlabel:

Link to returnlabel

You can not cancel your purchase by refusing to receive the goods.


You must send your order back to us without further delay and at least 14 days after you have let us know that you wish to cancel your purchase. You will be in charge of the return shipping costs. When sending back the goods you are responsible for using correct packaging and you carry the risk for the return delivey.

State of the goods, when returning to sender

You are only responsible for devaluing the goods if you have made use of the dress(es) in any other way than would be natural for trying it out in a store. However, it is very important that both hang tag and labeltag must remain intact and attached to the dress.

If the dress has been worn besides usually trying out, for instance the dress has makeup spots, stains or in any other way shows signs of being used we keep the right to devaluate the amount of return depending on the state of the dress
Always keep in mind that you can do with the dress as if you where trying it out in a store, but not actually use it.

Repayment of the purchase amount 

If you regret your purchase, you get the amount you payed back. In case of impairment of the goods as stated above, this amount will be drawn from your return payment.

If you wish to use your right of withdrawel, we will refund amount received from you without further delay and within 14 days after receiving and reviewing the goods. We will repay the amount as soon as possible to your bank account.

We can withhold payment, until we have received the goods and reviewed their state, the goods are usually reviewed within 2-3 working days and payment should be with you 5-6 days after receiving the goods, but at latest within 14 days after we receive the goods.

If you regret your purchase please send goods to: Claire Sofié ApS, Fjordglimt 4, 9440 Aabybro. Denmark.

What do I have to send back?

Besides the product you wish to return, please fill out the return label and lay with the products. The returnlabel is send along with the products when you receive them at first, but can also be printed here:

Link to return label.

If something is wrong with the dress, WHEN receiving it

If you experience a flaw in your goods, you must contact us as soon as possible by mail info@clairesofie.dk or simply fill out the return label form and state what is wrong with the dress, and that the dress had this flaw WHEN you received it, or if it arised due to normal use. Please send back as soon as possible or write an e-mail explaining that the products are on their way soon, and you wish to have a full refund, receive a new one or another solution. We will do our very best to ensure a quick and efficient help and solution.

Of course it is a demand that the flaw was there when received and did not arise due to misuse, or use beyound normal.

How fast must I get back to you?

You will have to state the flaw within “reasonable” time after receiving and discovering the flaw.

Ship to:

Claire Sofié ApS
Fjordglimt 4
9440 Aabybro

We need the following information when you ship the goods back to us: 

Please state very obviously what the problem is, and please send the goods back in sensible packagaing to avoid damage.

How we handle your personal information

To make a purchase at www.clairesofie.dk/www.clairesofie.com, we need the following information:


We registrer these personal information with the purpose of being able to deliver the products to you.

These personal information are registred and kept at Claire Sofie ApS

The staff at Claire Sofie ApS has access to these information.

The information are not kept encrypted.

At Claire Sofié ApS we respect your privacy and no information will be sold or given to any third part. Furthermore, we do not registrer sensitive personal information.


If you wish to complain about your purchase please contact info@clairesofie.dk and we will do our very best to find a solution.